The minimum amount of investment required is 2,000,000 Euro in real estate and/or bonds and securities in Cypriot companies. The investment should include a minimum of 500,000 Euro for a residential house.


The spouse, children (up to 28 years old) and parents of the main investor are included.


Eligibility for all nationalities and dual citizenship is permitted.


The process is fast track requiring approx. three months for approval. Passports and IDs issued within six months.


There are no residency requirements.


The Buyer/Investor is allowed to sell the investments after 5 years. However he/she must retain one real estate unit of at least 500,000 Euro.


At this moments holders of Cyprus passport travel visa-free to 168 countries. Additionally they are eligible to reside, study and work anywhere in the European Union as well as Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

Permanent Residency

The minimum amount of investment required is 300,000 Euro in NEW properties.


The spouse, children under the age of 25 and parents of applicant and spouse qualify for the residency.


The validity of the residency is of the lifetime of the individuals.


In order for the Residency to remain valid the individual should visit the country once every 2 years.

The process is a fast track, requiring approx. two months.

Citizenship by Investment